Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Long distance running training in Waikiki Hawaii

I tried to keep up my long distance training while serving on temporary duty with the Canadian Air Force for almost a month in Hawaii as part of RIMPAC this July and August. Our hotel was on Waikiki Beach, close to a user friendly running path that looped around Diamond Head providing a good 10km run. Because of the heat and humildity most of these were done at around sunrise or sunset. This made for some beautiful views coming around Diamond Head at the end of the day. To run this, follow KalaKaua Avenue in Waikiki turning left at Monsarrat Avenue behind the Honolulu Zoo. Monsarrat Avenue becomes Diamond Head Road and continues in a loop joining back to Kalakaua Avenue.

Another route around the same distance leads from Waikiki Beach east to a trail around the perimeter fence of the golf course and then back along a palm tree lined river channel utilized by the rowing community.

One Saturday I spent about two hours power hiking up to Waahila Ridge State Recreational Area. This was worth the slog as the views are great from up there. The trails along the ridge weren't runnable though as rain had made them slippery. The only way to access this park is through a winding series of residential streets. Follow Kapahulu Avenue from Waikikki under the H1 highway, turn right at Waialae Avenue. Take the first left at St. Louis Drive. Follow this steep residential street all the way up to Betram Street, and stay on it until you get to Peter St. Turn left, go two blocks, and then turn left again at Ruth Place. There you will find the entrance to the Waahila Ridge State Recreation Area. If you can run up this hill it would make for some great hill training. I could only manage to power hike. But I did run most of the way down, and that did a good number on the quad muscles. I recommend having the Loco Moco breakfast at the Rainbow Drive-In on Kapahulu Avenue after completing this, as you will certainly build up a good appetite. (Loco Moko is a hearty breakfast that includes white rice, a hamburger patty, and eggs, smothered in gravy.) The Rainbow Drive-In also makes a tasty icecream slushy drink.

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