Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ultra Running Season 2013

Ultra running season will soon be upon us here on the west coast of Canada and I'm hard at work training. But Ultras aren't the only thing I'm interested in competing in this Spring, I've also applied to take part in the first Amazing Race Canada. A co-worker, Rob Herrett, and I, submitted an online video application earlier this month. We're both members of the Royal Canadian Air Force and want to compete under the banner "Team Rob". Have a look at our audition below.

If we're not accepted onto Amazing Race Canada I'm planning on running the 80 km Elk Lake Ultra in May, and the 56K Great Lake Ultra in September. All of these will be held at various picturesque places on Vancouver Island with courses on hilly logging roads and trails. Training so far has gone well. The wet weather and cold temperatures have held me back a bit with days off with leg cramps and chest congestion. Overall I'm feeling stronger as I get closer to doing the long four hour training runs required to get a good base for ultramarathon running. I think I'll do the Comox Valley 1/2 Marathon in March as a training run since the start for it is on the street just outside my condo in Courtenay.

On rainy days and Sunday mornings I'm still writing, working on my next novel, entitled - In Heaven. The main character is a soldier who has died in Afghanistan, and is recruited to join the angelic army of heaven. His first assignment as a heavenly warrior is back on earth in semi-angelic human form as an ultra running guy who saves a teenager whose life is in danger. My wife and I traveled to Woss, B.C. to do some research for the book after Christmas, as this is a town mentioned in the story. It's amazing how when you're in the actual location you're writing about writer's block is broken.

Big Run Recovery Drink
1 peeled banana
1 peeled orange
1 cup milk (soy or normal)
1 scoop chocolate Protein Powder
2 table spoons, Greek yogurt
Blend well for 20-30 sec. Enjoy.

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