Monday, July 23, 2012

Running the Sky Line Trail, in Jasper, Alberta

I had planned to run the 44 km Skyline Trail from start to finish while on my summer vacation in Jasper Park, Alberta. I thought by the middle of July the snow would be melted on the summit, but after ascending 15 km up the winding trail on the side of Curator Mountain from Maligne Lake I was stopped by a washed out trail and snow drifts. If I had brought my gaiters along I probably could've continued. I was being cautious though because the staff at the Parks Canada office in Jasper had warned me that snow was still a problem at those altitudes, and if I encountered it I was to turn back - risks of avalanche still in places.
A family of Marmots met me where I stopped to turn around. I was able to catch them on video, and shared a video blog of my thoughts after reaching the summit. The view was worth the trip, even if I couldn't continue. The run down was a blast, leaping over roots and rocks on the switch backs. I met up with some backpacking hikers and warned them of the snow on the summit. They seemed undeterred by the news, wearing hiking boots that would help them get through the deep snow. I hope they made it.
You can view the video blog of this running adventure below:

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