Friday, March 16, 2012

Ultra marathon training progress - pain and gain

The middle of December I started a 50 mile, ultra marathon training plan that I found listed on the internet, and so far it has greatly helped me to increase my endurance. I didn't start to feel the benefits of it until near the end of the second month. Up until then, there was a lot of pain on the long weekend runs (especially in the shins). This training plan sandwiches two long runs into the weekend, between two rest days on Friday and Monday. When my long runs got close to 1/2 marathon length, I purchased a Nathan running belt with two, 10 oz, plastic drinking bottles. It also includes a handy zippered pouch where I can store my Sony Walkman, and a power bar or two.

I've noticed with the longer distances, my running style has changed, taking on more of a forward lean. I ran two weekends so far with Saturday runs over three hours. I'm hoping to get to the four hour lengths by mid April.

This weekend I'm registered in the Comox Valley 1/2 Marathon. It's a fast course. The record time for it is 1:03. Simon Whitfield (Canadian Olympic Triathlete) is supposed to be taking part, as well as several other hundred runners. I don't plan on pushing too hard as I'm in the middle of training for the ultra. It should be fun.

There's a life lesson in all of this training. The struggle, difficulties and pain I've gone through has all worked to make me stronger. I've gained from it just like I've gained from all the struggles and pain that God has allowed me to go through in life. If I have the right attitude, it's all working to help me develop perseverance, and strength.

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