Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance With Me, Now Available For iPad, iPhone & Kindle

My first e-book has started to appear at stores online. Here's a link to where it's listed at the iBookstore. Dance With Me - iBook You'll find an iPad and iPhone readable version slightly cheaper here: diesel eBookStore For some reason the iBookstore rounds the price of all their e-books up to the nearest .99. Dance With Me is also published as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.com for the same price. This offering, as a bonus, has text to speech capabilities, so you can listen to it on your kindle while stuck in traffic on the commute to work.
Underway, as well, is a screenplay adaptation of the novella at Studio Amazon Dance With Me - Screenplay
The first three chapters are FREE to read at Harper Collins' Authonomy Free 3 Chapters So at this point it looks like Dance With Me, has a good online presence. I confess though, I do miss the scent of a freshly printed trade paperback.

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robsargeant said...

wow. I love it! (your Heaven account). Blessings to finish it Babe! Ollie