Monday, March 09, 2009

Guerrilla Film Festival Competition Time Again

Last year we won the Mount Washington Guerrilla Film competition with the short we made, entitled, Free Spirit. Is was adapted from a portion of the book I'm working on now. We had only 48 hours to shoot, edit, and submit the 4 minute production. We overcame the problems of technical mishaps, an injured lead actor, endured very little sleep and were able to finish it. This year, thankfully, they are giving us more time. We can shoot over days, or even weeks, as long as it is shot on Mount Washington, and doesn't run over eight minutes in length, and is submitted by March 28th. So now the pressure isn't so great. But were trying something a little more challenging this time around. Larger cast, more props, bigger budget.

We're doing a Sasquatch Film. The idea came to me about a month ago, when I was thinking about the idea of a movie about a born-again Yeti. I wrote it down, and had almost forgotten about it when, one day, suddenly, a seven foot co-worker stepped into my office. The light came on. "There's my Sasquatch!"

I just happened to bump into this big guy a couple of days later and asked him seriously if he wanted to play the role, and he said, "Yes!".

I went out this past weekend to find a costume that will fit our lead tall. Not an easy task. I was able to find costume rental place in Campbell River, about forty-five minutes drive away. I've negotiated to have it for until the 22nd of March, and I only have to pay $45.00. God's favor is on our side. Should be fun, no matter how it turns out.

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