Friday, January 09, 2009

Highlights of 2008

I spent the first week of 2009 looking back on 2008 with a heart of thankfulness, remembering all the good things that occurred this past year. I've attempted here to rank the top three.

1) One highlight that really stuck out was the fun two week summer vacation we took visiting some of the tiny gulf islands and the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was quality time with my wife, Olivia, and our teenage sons, Andre and Colt, along with some of their friends; camping, hiking and jumping off cliffs and waterfalls. There's just something about that adrenaline rush you get when you're flying through the air that makes cliff jumping so invigorating. Nothing else compares. Maybe it's the realization that you're still alive after falling 40-50 feet into fresh water. I also had my first solo kayaking adventure this summer too, while researching the book I'm presently working on. An overnight journey that went around Valdes island. Beautiful weather. Surrounded by nature. Coffee made over a hiker's gas stove. Who could ask for anything more. Times spent with family and friends rank the highest in my highlights for 2008.

2) We took top prize at the Mount Washington 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Festival with our 5 minute short, Free Spirit. Cast and crew worked together in miraculous ways to see this completed.

3) A Silent Violence was published, after working on it for three years. Two spent writing and one year in editing.


Gordo said...

Wow! Rob, it's great to see you and Olivia are doing great and have a beautiful family. The last time I saw you was at "the top of the fair" restaurant where we both bus-boys. You might remember me as I was the subject of a film you made. In it you interviewed me in my mothers house as I spoke about my "heavy metal" records(it was the 80's) and various other politicaly incorrect subjects. Do you still have this film? I would love to see it. I look forward to hearing from you. My name is Gordon Botaitis, 519 432 1395.

Gordo said...

FOLLOW UP ...I meant to say " where we were both bus-boys" and I forgot to mention I still live half a block from ma's on the same street with my beautiful wife.

robsargeant said...

Hey Gord,

Great to hear from you again. I responded to your question on hotmail.