Monday, November 17, 2008

XO Laptop Give One Get One Campaign

This summer I took my XO Laptop, received earlier this year through the Give-One-Get-One campaign, on a camping and kayaking trip along the west coast of Canada. I was doing some research for a book that I'm writing. The laptop held up well in the hot and moist conditions. While on the shoreline, one time I was able to pick-up the internet, with its built in WIFI. There must have been a house nearby with unsecured access. I used it in internet cafes on Vancouver Island too, without any problems (the video processor is slow when it comes to watching YouTube, etc). For the children in the developing world this will be some amazing educational tool. The Sugar environment is very user friendly, and the Journal application keeps track of all activities, so it's easy to go back and make changes. The XO comes equipped with an SDHC slot, so memory can be expanded from 2-16 gigs if you so desire, but with the sugar platform 2 gig is plenty for getting you around. To be part of this years Give One Get One campaign visit: XO Laptop. Have a part in making a child's future much more promising.

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