Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cover for new book

This week my publisher sent me a draft of the cover for my new book, "A Silent Violence". Three years of work, researching and writing, went into this fictional story. Knowing that it will soon be released brings a feeling of excitement. Publication isn't the end. Publication is the start. The real work begins, with the news releases, the book signings, public readings, and other activities related to the promotional stages. This book is heart felt, written with a passion, for a cause that I truly believe in. Helping the poor, the oppressed, the forgotten. Sadly, many millions of those are women and children. Reading "A Silent Violence" will open peoples eyes to the needs that are out there, giving a voice and dignity to the needy. It will also help some to understand why wars need to be fought, why the peace movement is a nice ideal, but unrealistic in a world like we live in today.

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