Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Silent Violence

I just finished looking over the pdf file the publisher sent with the final edited copy of my next book, A Silent Violence. I'm excited. After working on it for three years it was a thrill to see it in novel format, with an ISBN and copyright. I'm glad I took longer, working on the second book, than the first because it was a totally different world. I had a lot of research to do, regarding locations, and the way people talked. The book has an international cast of characters, with unique speech patterns I had to get right. The internet was a big help with that. I could travel across the world with a Google search (saves on air fare) and find locations, geographical or climatic characteristics. I did travel during the writing, though. Some segments were written in the Arctic, not too far from the North Pole, others I wrote in the deserts of Southeast Asia, while typing away on a laptop inside an air conditioned portable. Most of the re-writing and editing took place on Vancouver Island (I did edit some parts while camping on the west coast).

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